MIT Emergency Information
Wednesday, March 13th, 2013


(EOC Staff and Dashboard Owners Only)


Why “.NET?”

Why does the message point you to  IS&T has secured a mirror image of the emergency page on servers physically located in other off campus geographic locations.  This is important in the event that a problem on campus made the MIT servers non-operational.  The “.net” location would allow you to have access to the information relative to the emergency on campus.

If you have any questions, please direct them to:

Return to the Emergency Home Page.

MIT is committed to the safety and security of every member of the MIT community. In the event of a campus emergency, news and information will be posted to this site and to the MIT home page.

We strongly encourage you to sign up for the MIT Alert, text messaging service, part of the Institute's comprehensive emergency notification system, to receive an SMS message on your cell phone in the event of life safety or public health emergencies.

To report an emergency, call MIT Police at 100 from a campus phone, or 617-253-1212 from an off-campus or cell phone.

Please bookmark this website as The site address expands our options to run this website from locations other than MIT.

MIT ALERT is the Institute’s emergency notification program, designed to provide information and advisories via a number of communication channels including Institute voicemail, email, and text message, for the safety and security of the MIT community.

In the event of an emergency, MIT Alert advisories will be posted to some or all of these channels:

  • MIT's home page
  • MIT's emergency website (
  • MIT's emergency phone line 617-253-SNOW (3-7669)
  • MIT email
  • MIT telephone voicemail
  • Personal cell phones and mobile devices (MIT Alert text messages)
  • MIT Cable TV (emergency broadcasting system)
  • MIT Radio (WMBR)
  • Electronic message boards

Why .net?

Emergency Information
on-campus: 3-SNOW (3-7669)
off-campus/cell: 617-253-7669

MIT Police
on-campus: 100
off-campus/cell: 617-253-1212

MIT Medical
on-campus: 3-1311
off-campus/cell: 617-253-1311

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