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Quick Emergency Response Actions.

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About this Page

When an emergency occurs that could threaten the safety of the MIT community or negatively impact Institute operations, this page may be used to provide important information about the incident. This page is owned and maintained by MIT Emergency Management.

Quick Emergency Response Actions


An unsafe situation inside a building or area:

  • Proceed safely to the nearest exit (do not use elevators).
  • If it is safe to do so, assist persons who are unable to leave on their own.
  • Evacuate the building and stay clear of the area
  • Await further instructions or the "all clear" before returning to the building or area.
Fire, chemical spill (indoors), gas leak, flooding


If an unsafe situation occurs outside of your building:

  • Move to an interior space.
  • For severe weather, move to the lowest floor possible.
  • If it is safe to do so, assist persons who are unable to shelter on their own.
  • For earthquakes, shelter indoors and duck, cover, and hold on.
  • Remain sheltered until you receive "all clear."
Examples: Severe weather, tornado, chemical spill (outdoor)

Run, Hide, Fight

If there is a person with a firearm or weapon:

  • RUN, if you are able and it is safe to do so. Get away from the area.
  • If you can't RUN away, HIDE. Close, lock, and barricade all doors. Turn off lights and silence electronics, including cell phones. Remain out of sight and stay silent.
  • If you can't RUN or HIDE and you are in imminent danger, as a last resort option, attempt to FIGHT the intruder. Using improvised weapons, act with physical aggression to incapacitate the attacker.

For incident specific response actions, see the Emergency Response Guide

MIT Alert

The MIT Alert system sends messages to the MIT community informing them about a confirmed emergency and to provide suggested protection actions.

All students and employees are automatically signed up for MIT Alert. In addition, extended community members can sign up for MIT Alert as well.

To find out more, including how to customize your profile or remove yourself, please visit the MIT Alert system page or contact MIT Emergency Management at 617-452-4368 or